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Time Machine 7 Luxe + COPPER.

Seven World Class Peptides & Neuro Peptides. Anti Oxidants & Hyaluronic Acid. Nothing beats this powerhouse in this price range. Restores, Refreshes, Firms, Rejuvinates Lost Youthful Appearance.

~Copper~ is well known in the skincare world with 200 plus years of data as a skin resorative ingredient. Copper inproves the skins firmness, smoothness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting collagen, elastin, glycosaminoglycan and improved anti oxidant activity.

Time Machine 7 Luxe

  • Did you know that Argireline® peptide…

    • Is obtained on a solid matrix, a methodology created by professor R. Bruce Merrifield (Rockefeller University, NY, UAA) that in 1884 received the Nobel Prize in chemistry for this development.
    • After more than 10 years of research the peptide was officially launched in 2001.
    • It was a real breakthrough innovation as the first peptide with a specific effect on expression wrinkles. Its mechanism of action has made a significant difference to the industry.
    • Today, Argireline® peptide is still a leader in the cosmetic industry for its proven efficacy in attenuating the appearance of expression wrinkles.
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